IpBridge/Host | Web to Legacy Connectivity
Features and Benefits
Simple and Easy to Use
  • No changes to Host applications or screens
  • No proprietary tools or scripting to learn
  • No slow loading Java Applets
  • No ActiveX controls required
  • Your Free Web Browser is the only client you need
  • Install on your own personal computer or on a central server
Secure/Fast Connections
  • Connect via SNA Gateway or TN3270
  • Secure SSL Connections
Highly Scalable
  • Expose host information as XML based Web Services components
  • Active Server Pages (ASP) support for complete customization, database integration and session automation
Superior Quality
  • AutoGui feature automatically transforms text based screens into GUI Web Pages
  • HTML Template support for creating your own Web pages using standard web tools and technologies
  • Automatic disabling of input objects when in inquiry mode
  • Superior Host screen presentation
  • Superior Keyboard Emulation
  • Auto-Skip support
  • Overtype and Insert modes