IpServer | CICS Based Web Server and CGI Environment
Features & Benefits
Simply and Easy to Use
  • Dramatically reduces the time and expense of developing CICS powered Web Applications and XML Web Services
  • IpServer is a complete web server, so you don’t have to write a program to handle every request (e.g., static web pages, graphics, applets, etc.) IpServer does this automatically!
  • Server-Side Includes (SSI) for easy separation of business logic (CICS code) and presentation (HTML)
  • Sendmail API for sending email from within CICS programs
Secure/Fast Connections
  • CICS security exit and SSL encryption option for secure connections
Superior Quality
  • Supports virtually all versions of CICS, VSE, OS/390 and z/OS
  • Superior “single pass” HTML and XML Template processing with support for passing data in CICS Temporary Storage
  • HTML and XML Template caching for high-performance
  • Shields CICS programmers from the complexities of HTTP headers and input parsing
  • In-line compression option for faster response times
  • Useful JavaScript’s for handling common client-side issues
  • Superior customer support for CICS and client-side issues