ZIP/390 | Zip. Encrypt. Connect.
Annual savings of 60% or more with our Plug Compatible Replacement for PKZIP/SecureZIP for z/OS
Tired of paying exorbitant Annual Maintenance and Machine Upgrade Fees?
Considering paying a big up-charge to upgrade to SecureZip?
Dissatisfied with your current sales and/or technical support?
Just looking for ways to reduce mainframe costs in general?
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If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this message is for you. The purchase price of ZIP/390 will be waived 100% for replacing the current PKZIP/SecureZIP licensed capacity. Pay only our much lower Annual Maintenance fee and receive a production product key for the licensed machine(s).
JCL and SYSIN Parameter Compatibility Makes Switching Easy!
JCL and SYSIN Parameter compatibility, as well as Batch API compatibility insures minimal conversion effort, with little or no changes to existing mainframe processes.
Reduce Annual Maintenance by at least 60% - Guaranteed!
Customers who have made the switch to ZIP/390 report a minimum annual savings of 60%.
Slash Machine Upgrade Fees!
Due to ZIP/390’s lower pricing and flexible terms, including no fees for up to 15% capacity increase, machine upgrade charges can be greatly reduced or even eliminated! Delivering additional on-going savings for your company.
AES Encryption Included for FREE!
If you're a PKZIP user, your data is insecure. Without AES Strong Encryption, your data is vulnerable to unauthorized access and your company is vulnerable to hefty security regulatory compliance fines and a damaged reputation. While upgrading to SecureZIP may come with a steep upgrade fee, that is not the case with ZIP/390. PKZIP users who switch to ZIP/390 can upgrade to the Secure Edition with ZERO upgrade fee, and likely will find an even lower annual maintenance that what is currently being paid for PKZIP for z/OS.

The inertia of the status quo is the enemy of progress…

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Contact us today to determine the savings for your organization and to find out just how easy it is to switch. Discover for yourself why hundreds of top organizations worldwide, like The Big Three US auto-makers, the worlds largest mainframe infrastructure providers, and more, have already made the switch to ZIP/390.

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