ZIP/390 | Zip. Encrypt. Connect.
PKZIP/SecureZIP Replacement Program
Switching to ZIP/390 MP for z/OS slashes annual and capacity increase charges!
Features and Benefits of ZIP/390 MP for z/OS:
  • Aggressive replacement terms slash recurring cost across the board.
  • JCL, Parameter and API compatibility means little or no changes to existing PKZIP/SecureZIP jobs in most cases.
  • Runs natively in z/OS and/or USS.
  • IBM zIIP Engine support - offloads Compression Cycles from CP's.
  • IBM zEDC support - compression acceleration (10x faster).
  • AES Encryption/Decryption
  • Easy to use Programmer API's support zIIP and CPASSIST
  • - Data Buffer Compression/Encryption
  • - Batch zip job invocation
  • PDF Creation - converts Mainframe files into PDF documents.
  • z/OS Hybrid PGP
  • File System Monitoring automates timely processing and delivery of files.
  • JES support automates timely processing and delivery of files.
  • Built-in SMTP - Email Delivery of ZIP and PDF files as email attachments.
  • Built-in FTP - ZIP|PDF and FTP in a single process.
  • Built-in P2P file transfer with automated post processing/application integration.
  • Additional Platforms supported - z/Linux, Linux x86, and MS-Windows (3 free licenses included)
  • and more…
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