VTAM2Spool | A New Direction in Mainframe Network Printing

VTAM2SPOOL(tm) routes VTAM (CICS, IMS, etc.) print to the system spooler (MVS, JES, or VSE POWER) or to LPR Printers - without changes to host programs required.

  • Emulates LU1 (SCS) and LU3 (3270) printers
  • Support for LPR printing
  • Support for all relevant JES output attributes on z/OS
  • Support for all relevant POWER LST keywords on VSE
  • Close integration with ZIP/390 AND ZIP/VSE’s Report Delivery features
  • Unlimited number of virtual printers can be defined
  • Each virtual printer can have unique characteristics
  • Printers can be added/modified/deleted/started/stopped without restarting the product
  • Can be executed as a started task on z/OS
  • Cab be executed in a dynamic partition on VSE
  • Low CPU overhead
  • Low storage needs
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