ZIP/390 MP | Zip. Encrypt. Connect.
for z/OS
The competitively priced, high performance, fully supported Mainframe Zip Solution.
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The IBM Mainframe remains a repository of a large percentage of your enterprise data. Sharing this data efficiently, securely and easily across divergent platforms and technical competency levels is a challenge. The zip container is an easy to deploy user-friendly piece of the puzzle.

40% of Fortune 10 selected ZIP/390 as their Mainframe Zip Solution.

For many organizations, the volume of file transfers, size of individual transfers, and the associated overhead continues to place greater demands on batch window and network resources. The need to manage mainframe resources, control cost and meet service levels is key. ZIP/390 Multi-Platform for z/OS supports the latest zSeries technologies for off-loading Mainframe GP’s and accelerating compression time up to ten fold.
  • Industry standard zip compression/encryption compatibility
  • File Aggregation
  • ZIP64
  • Strong AES Encryption
  • PDF Generation
  • JES Queue Monitoring
  • File System Monitoring
  • System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP)
  • z Systems Data Compression for zOS (zEDC)
  • EBCDIC <-> ASCII Translation
  • Direct access to USS File Systems (HFS, zFS), Files and Directories