IpBridge/Connect, free with ZIP/390 R6 and ZIP/VSE, provides file compression, encryption, presentation re-packaging and delivery functions as services on a Windows server. Client applications currently supported include Data 21's ZIP/390 and ZIP/VSE products for IBM System z and Web interface for performing adhoc operations.

Benefits of Windows Server Integration:
  • Lower cost for mainframe centric AES and PGP strong encryption
  • Lower mainframe overhead vs. performing CPU intensive compression and encryption processes on a general processor
  • The process remains a Mainframe controlled one from start to finish:
  • z/Series Job Scheduling
  • z/Series return codes to confirm success/failure of end-to-end process
Packaging and Delivery Services

IpBridge/Connect supports industry standard compression, encryption and presentation formats to ensure cross-platform interoperability and exploitation of pervasive technologies.

Compression: ZIP, GZIP, TAR, TGZ

Encryption: ZIP Keyword, PGP, AES (128,192,256), RC4

Formatting: ASCII Text, Adobe PDF, Delimited Text

Delivery Option: High-Speed Copy (I/O), FTP (I/O), E-Mail Attachment

System Requirements


  • Windows Professional or Server (Recommended) with IIS
  • Pentium 4.2 ghz or higher (multiple processors recommended for high volume)
  • 1 GB of RAM (or more for high volume)

Developer or Test:

  • Windows Professional or Server with IIS
  • Pentium III 500 MHz or higher
  • 512 MB of RAM