Get the very most out of every MSU.

Intelligent real-time capacity distribution optimizes precious mainframe resources for superior cost performance.

Powerful decision algotithm takes into account:
  • Your current activity and resource needs
  • Your service level requirements
  • Your production profiles
  • Your production structure & workload prioritization defined in WLM
  • Your pricing model configuration
  • The unpredictable nature of loads

Test impacts & benefits before moving to production

To ensure transparency and production safety, we offer an extensive simulation process. The first step is an audit of your environment using your SMF records. Our experts will estimate the impact of the solution on performance and costs. From this audit, you will also receive optimal & ready-to-use parameters.

Then comes the POC stage when the product runs on your environment, starting in message mode. This mode lets you witness the decisions that would have made in real mode. When all signals are green, the product can go into production and gains are realized from the very first month.

Streamline & secure your production workloads

To prevent any risks of capping on your critical LPARs, the product has several mechanisms.

  • Give a high priority to production LPARs to prioritize them during the resource distribution process
  • LPARs as "Protected" to prohibit capping on them
  • Set a safety margin to cope with unpredictable load peaks
  • Receive alerts when the solution detects a risk of capping
  • Decide if limits need to be increased automatically when capping is unavoidable.

Gain real time & detailed visibility of your mainframe activity & costs

In most cases, production teams analyze mainframe activity on a day+1 basis. Reactivity is thus rather low. Our real time reports refresh at each decision interval. The web interface displays key metrics such as R4HA, IMSU, DC and capping % at different layers (CPC, LPAR, Groups, Sysplex, CMP, Pricing Containers). Each graph offers drill-down capabilities allowing analysis right down to Service Class level. Reports for different pricing models are also available: mobile, container and enterprise consumption.

Realize the true Country Multiplex Pricing vision

A CMP contract transforms one or more data-centers in the same country into a single unit from a billing point of view. However, the capacity management parameters have yet to be defined machine-by-machine. Consolidating the whole achieves capacity distribution between machines. Real-time tracking of CMP billing is also simplified.

Get more out of your Mobile Workload Pricing contract

The MWP contract reduces costs related to mobile transactions. Evaluate its benefits through detailed reporting. Monitor and understand the share of mobile activity in your consumption. What if you want more performance for the same budget? You can then choose to turn this reduction into performance gains in real time.

Track your Tailor Fit Pricing consumption levels

TFP means preferential rates for the processing of specific activities: development, new applications... These containers are linked to a specific pricing system and require special management. Our solution identifies containers and applies dedicated control strategies. Monitoring the consumption of each of each container is also simplified thanks to dedicated reporting. Cumulative MSU consumption of TFP Enterprise Consumption can also be tracked in real time to ensure you meet your contractual commitments.

Process more workloads at a lower cost.

Simple, light, and reliable. Fully deployable in just one week. Benefits visible from day one.


Costs reductions without compromising on the quality of service


Performance increase depending on cost reduction objectives


Productivity increase in the fields of capacity management and reporting