Control and streamline the way users access 3270 applications.

21st Century Session Manager

InterSession simplifies the process of logging into mainframe applications. Once users are signed in, they can access all the mainframe applications they are authorized to from customizable menus, without wasting time and effort logging into and out of each one individually. They can effortlessly switch between applications and cut and paste information from one to the other.

Single Sign-On

InterSession gives users Single Sign-On access to all authorized VTAM applications. Applications can be set up for seamless user access without userid/password prompts. When supported, InterSession can use pass tickets instead of passwords to enhance security. InterSession also works well together with all external Single Sign-On products.

Web Browser and iOS/Android App Support

Access your mainframe applications using your favorite Web Browser or our iOS/Android Tablet Apps for an even better user experience.

Built-in TN3270 Server

InterSession handles TN3270 sessions with its built-in TN3270 server without using the TCP/IP stack TN3270 support; saving CPU cycles and making the configuration easier to manage.

Sysplex Support

In a sysplex all Intersession instances work together as one. This means InterSession automatically:

  • Replicates all changes and settings between instances
  • Load balances, and has backup for, the user sessions


  • Single and multiple Session possibilities
  • Automated logon to applications
  • Built in TN3270 Server for reduced overhead
  • Built in Web Server allowing access to 3270 applications via standard web browser
  • Outbound TN3270 Sessions
  • Individual screen layout
  • Help System
  • Easy administration with on-line maintenance routines
  • Flexible security and authorization system
  • Unique CICS features increases security and simplifies maintenance
  • Supports CICS TS (Transaction Server)
  • Built in Message/Mailbox System
  • CUA-based Top Line Menu
  • Screen hardcopies to any printer
  • Support for TN3270 printers
  • Ability to share sessions with other users
  • Cut and paste data between sessions
  • Automatic data compression
  • Statistics and accounting information
  • Multi-lingual possibilities for all screen text, support for non-latin SBCS (Russian, Arabic...)
  • Supports all IBM Mainframe Operating Systems
  • Supports all Application Host Systems
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