Tools4CICS operates on IBM (or compatible) Mainframe computers running z/OS or VSE operating systems and CICS Transaction Server. Introduced in 1984, the product is in use world-wide with a number of Fortune 1000 companies to its credit.
Feature Descriptions
Help Tool for adding powerful Hypertext On-line Help to any CICS application, with no programming.
Notes Tool enables application end-users to attach pop-up notes to key information like SSN, Names, etc. on their screens.
Word Add 100% 3270 based “PC like” text editing to any CICS 3270 application; complete with word-wrap, spell-check and pull-down menus!
Spell Add 100% 3270 based pop-up spell-checking to any CICS 3270 application without programming!
Windows Open mutliple CICS application windows - cut & paste data between windows.