Tools4CICS operates on IBM (or compatible) Mainframe computers running z/OS or VSE operating systems and CICS Transaction Server. Introduced in 1984, the product is in use world-wide with a number of Fortune 1000 companies to its credit.
Feature Descriptions
Help Tool for adding powerful Hypertext On-line Help to any CICS application, with no programming.
Notes Tool enables application end-users to attach pop-up notes to key information like SSN, Names, etc. on their screens.
Word Add 100% 3270 based “PC like” text editing to any CICS 3270 application; complete with word-wrap, spell-check and pull-down menus!
Spell Add 100% 3270 based pop-up spell-checking to any CICS 3270 application without programming!
Windows Open mutliple CICS application windows - cut & paste data between windows.
Enterprising Software
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About Data 21

Data 21 Inc. is a privately held veteran owned California Corporation. Since inception in 1980, our mission has been, and continues to be, delivering innovative, high quality, cost effective mainframe centric software solutions that empower Business' and enrich End-Users in the workplace. We pride ourselves on excellent product and customer support satisfaction ratings, and the fact that our products have become trusted integral daily production necessities at hundreds of mainframe installations around the world.

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