Control and streamline the way users access 3270 applications.

Replicate your current solution and save.

InterSession does the adapting, so your end-users don't have to.

End-of-Life Situation

Has your current vendor announced product end-of-life/support? Maintain continuity with our cost effective fully supported and seamless replacement solution. Contact us today to schedule a presentation tailored to your specific replacement requirement.

Cost Reduction Scenario

Looking to replace a more expensive product with a less expensive comparable one? InterSession is the answer. With proof of purchase of a competitive solution, the License fee for InterSession is waived and you pay only a low Annual Subscription. Contact us today for details.

Sample Emulation Screen Shots:


NVAS Conversion Guide Request
CA Teleview Conversion Guide Request
CA-TPX Conversion Guide Request


Network Director Conversion Guide Request


SuperSession Conversion Guide Request


Solve Access MAI Conversion Guide Request


Solve Access Easinet Conversion Guide Request
Advantages of replacing with InterSession:
  • Cost savings
  • Lower CPU overhead & faster response time
  • Look-and-Feel emulation
  • Functional continuity
  • Automated conversion aids
  • zSeries 3270 Web Gateway
  • Little to no end-user training
  • Reduced Administration effort

First Step:
Schedule a Zoom consultation to discuss your needs and specific use case.

Get Started Today!


  • Single and multiple Session possibilities
  • Automated logon to applications
  • Built in TN3270 Server for reduced overhead
  • Built in Web Server allowing access to 3270 applications via standard web browser
  • Outbound TN3270 Sessions
  • Individual screen layout
  • Help System
  • Easy administration with on-line maintenance routines
  • Flexible security and authorization system
  • Unique CICS features increases security and simplifies maintenance
  • Supports CICS TS (Transaction Server)
  • Built in Message/Mailbox System
  • CUA-based Top Line Menu
  • Screen hardcopies to any printer
  • Support for TN3270 printers
  • Ability to share sessions with other users
  • Cut and paste data between sessions
  • Automatic data compression
  • Statistics and accounting information
  • Multi-lingual possibilities for all screen text, support for non-latin SBCS (Russian, Arabic...)
  • Supports all IBM Mainframe Operating Systems
  • Supports all Application Host Systems
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