Control and streamline the way users access 3270 applications.

Say Goodbye to TN3270 Emulators

Eliminate TN3270 Clients and Middleware

InterSession Mainframe Web Gateway (MWG) delivers secure, browser-based 3270 emulation over encrypted HTTPS connections between the mainframe and Web enabled devices (eg. desktops, laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices) without plug-ins or local installation. MWG is included with a license of the Session Manager, but may be licensed separately.

Universal Connectivity

Web Gateway (MWG) works instantly with any web enabled platform (Windows/Mac computers, iOS/Android mobile devices, etc.) it is designed to be compatible with all leading modern browsers and uses cutting edge technology; such as Ajax and XHTML if available.


Mainframe Web Gateway (MWG) centralizes the administration and security of access to mainframe assets on the mainframe. Security runs on the mainframe through built-in connections to RACF, TOP-SECRET, ACF/2 or VSE/BSM for authentication. MWG's HTTPS connections are encrypted with FIPS 140-2 compliant AT-TLS.

Cost Savings

Not only can MWG reduce your 3270 emulation licensing costs, its simple centralized installation, administration, and support can result in additional savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared to traditional TN3270 emulators. In addition, MWG's end-to-end encrypted HTTPS connections can eliminate the need and expense of a VPN.

Key Features & Benefits

  • No support required outside the mainframe
  • Web browser based 3270 terminal emulation
  • Free iPad and Android Apps for best Tablet UX
  • Securely delivers 3270 screens as webpages simulating true 3270 TE functionality
  • Fully host controlled: centralized installation, administration, support, and access to its own assets
  • No installation, middle-tier servers or plugins required; only a web browser and pre-defined URL
  • Instantly accessible with any web-enabled device regardless of OS or browser
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant HTTPS connections
  • Secure host access without the need for a VPN
  • Significant savings over TN3270 emulators


  • Single and multiple Session possibilities
  • Automated logon to applications
  • Built in TN3270 Server for reduced overhead
  • Built in Web Server allowing access to 3270 applications via standard web browser
  • Outbound TN3270 Sessions
  • Individual screen layout
  • Help System
  • Easy administration with on-line maintenance routines
  • Flexible security and authorization system
  • Unique CICS features increases security and simplifies maintenance
  • Supports CICS TS (Transaction Server)
  • Built in Message/Mailbox System
  • CUA-based Top Line Menu
  • Screen hardcopies to any printer
  • Support for TN3270 printers
  • Ability to share sessions with other users
  • Cut and paste data between sessions
  • Automatic data compression
  • Statistics and accounting information
  • Multi-lingual possibilities for all screen text, support for non-latin SBCS (Russian, Arabic...)
  • Supports all IBM Mainframe Operating Systems
  • Supports all Application Host Systems
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