Simplifies fast, efficient and secure file exchange across your local network and beyond.

ZIP/390 MP is an industry leading ZIP compression utility with unique features for enhancing the speed, packaging, automation and application-integration of cross-platform file exchange.

ZIP Compression for Servers

Use ZIP/390 MP for Server on the command line and within scripts. Compress, encrypt, extract, archive, transfer and pipe files using the d21zip.exe executable.

ZIP/390 MP offers powerful standalone ZIP compression capabilities and performance. The product also operates in client-server mode to fascilitate high-speed file transfers and distributed Application Integration.

Supported Platforms:

  • MS-Windows
  • Linux x86
  • MacOS
  • IBM zLinux

1. 100% ZIP/390 MP for z/OS compatible.
2. Three (3) free instances included with purchase of ZIP/390 MP for z/OS.
3. Call (424)271-8105 for pricing.

Features & Benefits

  • Exchange Zip files with popular Zip products (eg. ZIP/390 MP for z/OS, WinZip, 7-ZIP, PKZIP/SecureZIP).

  • FIPS Certified Zip AES Encryption.

  • High-speed Multi-threaded compression.

  • Integrated file transfer between ZIP/390 MP instances on supported platforms.

  • Integrated X-Platform Application Integration features.

  • Integrated Email, FTP and PDF creation.

  • Transparent Replacement for PKZIP® for Server reduces cost significantly.

  • and more

Take it to the bank.

The Bottom-Line

According to recent BMC Annual Mainframe Survey's, mainframe cost reduction remains a top IT priority. Generally low mainframe pricing, combined with excellent competitive product discounting, makes replacing/augmenting more expensive and/or inefficient solutions with ZIP/390 MP good for the bottom-line.

Improve Mainframe ZIP Compression ROI with ZIP/390

PKZIP®/SecureZIP® Replacement

Facing an Annual Maintenance Renewal and/or machine upgrade three (3) to twelve (12) months from now? Considering upgrading from PKZIP® for z/OS to SecureZip® to address a new Strong Encryption requirement? If the answer is YES to one or more of the above, schedule a presentation to learn more about the cost savings and other benefits of switching to ZIP/390 MP.

Obsolete Solution Replacement

If your company is employing an obsolete and/or unsupported mainframe ZIP compression solution, one that does not support zEDC, zIIP and Strong AES Encryption for example, contact us today to learn how switching to ZIP/390 MP can improve your ROI, SLA compliance, z/OS Batch Window utilization, productivity and more.

Add Mainframe ZIP Compression

The ZIP Archive is a simple, efficient and secure means of exchanging mainframe files across all platforms and personnel competency levels. Compressing/Decompressing files directly on the platform of origin/receipt provides the highest efficiency and operational integrity. ZIP/390 MP is a high-performance low cost solution that makes it practical to add this functionality to z/OS.





Exchange zip files with industry standard zip tools (eg. WinZIp, 7-ZIP, PKZIP/SecureZIP, GZIP)

Mainframe zIIP and zEDC Support

Built-in Email & FTP Clients

PDF Maker

JES Writer for automated report handling

Companion Versions: z/OS, USS, Linux on IBM Z, Linux x86, MS-Windows, macOS

AES Encryption for regulatory compliant and NIST Certified protection of data

Client-Server connectivity for secure file transfer and cross-platform integration

z/OS Hybrid PGP

Fast Internet Transport (FIT)
High Speed File Transfer utilizing TCP and UDP protocols

Many of the worlds top mainframe users are using ZIP/390 everyday to simplify and accelerate mainframe file exchange, across the Enterprise and beyond.

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