ZIP/390 MP - PKZIP® for z/OS Replacement

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Immediate and Long-Term Savings

  • Substantial Cost Savings
  • Sub-capacity licensing available
  • Life-time fixed rate for increasing MIPS
  • No payment until your next PKZIP annual renewal date

Smooth Replacement

  • Installs in less than an hour
  • No disruption for Operations or End-Users
  • No changes to existing jobs or programs, in most cases.

Value Added Features

  • Free upgrade to secure ZIP AES Encryption
  • JES and File System monitoring for task automation
  • PDF Maker
  • Built-in Email and High-Speed UDP File Transfer
  • Powerful Cross-platform Application Integration
  • MS-Windows, Linux x86, zLinux, and MacOS CLI versions included

Industrial Strength Performance

ZIP/390 is proven to outperform PKZIP for z/OS where it counts.

  • Lower GP consumption
  • Significantly lower run times
  • Better compression


  • Preservation of critical mainframe resources
  • Operational cost savings
  • Improved SLA compliance assurance

Using PKZIP® for Server?
ZIP/390 MP for Server can replace that, too.

Many of the worlds top mainframe users are using ZIP/390 everyday to simplify and accelerate mainframe file exchange, across the Enterprise and beyond.

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