Easily transform near real-time operational data into actionable business intelligence.

Power + Simplicity

Due to the sheer volume of logs produced by a mainframe, there is no realistic way to leverage the boundless information created by a z/OS environment. Given these obstacles, mainframe data is rarely leveraged to its greatest potential and, as a result, most IT departments miss out on opportunities to make their mainframe cheaper and more productive. At last there is a light-weight all-in-one, AI driven, Mainframe Operations Analytics solution for easily making sense of mainframe operational data and bridging the gap between technology and business.

Interactive & Modern Interface

Digging inside mainframe logs in excel can be a nightmare. Discovering the patters among them, even more so. Drag-and-drop configurable dashboards graphically represent near real-time default and user definable SMF record relationships in business relevant, easy to assimilate contexts. Turning even non-experts into experts.

  • Avoid intermittent service interruptions
  • Expedite Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Promote Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM)
  • Safely reduce cost
Track, understand & optimize service levels

You don't want to get lost in the weeds of mainframe operations analytics. It makes sense - diving into the nitty gritty of performance metrics can be intimidating to the unitiated. However, mainframe logs offer far more value than you would expect. You just need to know where to look.

Use an interactive dashboard to analyze:


Understand how your activity is evolving over time. Find out who and what is driving mainframe growth.


Analyze capacity shortage events to know when it's happening and why. Evaluate if capacity needs to be increased soon to follow business growth.


Track the quality of the service you are delivering. Qualify any improvement or impairment early to take appropriate actions.

Take command of your mainframe budget.

See, understand, control.

Gain instant visibility of the underlying factors driving your mainframe costs. Easy to use and understand analytics dashboards provide the intelligence needed for making smart data driven cost control decisions for your business.

See the costs of your current production in near real time.

Understand cost factors, trends, and distribution between software.

Assess the impact of business activities on mainframe costs.

Automate chargeback reporting for internal and external customers.

Track your mainframe budget and prevent overruns.

Keep an eye on your contractual commitments to stay within budget.

See the costs of your current production in near real time

Could you wait two months to check your bank statement to manage your personal finance? And yet, this is the amount of time it takes to get the software bill for your current consumption. To gain visibility, we first collect your consumption data in near real time. Next, we calculate the actual costs and report them in the currency of you choice. These calculations factor in your various contracts and associated pricing models.

Understand cost factors, trends, and distribution between software

If you want to bring your mainframe costs under control, you need to know where they come from. You must understand your consumption and it's impact on your costs. Through detailed analytics dashboards, you can analyze what is driving costs at the infrastructure level (CPC, LPAR...) and at the software level. Using the history, you can also monitor your costs over time and make projections.

Assess the impact of business activities on mainframe costs

In order to calculate the ROI of your mainframe platform, it is necessary to link costs to your different business activities. How much does your customer database cost you today? Your credit card payment service? Your invoicing service? Business activity must be linked to its actual cost. Knowing the costs of a specific workload, application or business unit has never been easier.

Automate chargeback reporting for internal and external customers

Every organization has its own chargeback methods, and these can be complex. As a result, manual calculations may be tedious. You also need to be able to justify the costs you charge back to your customers. Apply specific chargeback rules and get a detailed report for each of your customers. These reports include details of resource consumption and associated chargeback costs.

Track your mainframe budget and prevent overruns

Being able to monitor your budget is one of tke keys to cost control. Track the consumption of your annual budget month by month. With projections, forecast when you might go over budget in order to take corrective measures. You can also track your budgets and it's components year-by-year.

Keep an eye on your contractual commitments in order to stay within budget

Failing to meet your contractual commiments can have a strong negative impact on your budget. Adding your current contractual agreements and licensing terms, enables you to monitor how you are doing in real time; and know in advance if your current consumption puts you at risk of future overruns.

Improve the profitability of your mainframe

Optimize and reduce mainframe cost

Easily build a strong investment case

Understand which pricing model is best suited to your environment

Stay within your annual budget

Make the case for mainframe

Identify cost reduction opportunities

Get a better understanding of your cost structure

Get sharable explanations to justify extra costs

Gain increased visibility of your mainframe ROI

Get better outcomes in your contract negotiations

Get "z" Big Picture.